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net.lisias.retro Micro Services

In a Hurry



The net.lisias.retro Micro Services (I still don't know how to name the thing!) are a (growing) set of Micro Services (and a Standard for integration of such services) to provide services to the Retrocomputing community.

Aiming to be supported from modest, embedded appliances to full blown servers, the Standard is language and framework agnostic: it can (and should) be implemented on any capable platform. See the Documentation for more technical information.

Currently it's being hosted by three Raspberries Pi (a 256 V1.0 and a 512 Mb V1.1, both Model B, and an additional 2014 Model B+) from the a stand on my living room (it used to be on the top of my desk), and the following services are currently provided:

A full, detailed description of the services can be found here.

INSTALLING your own Host

From Scratch:

If you want to use or maintain your own box:

  1. Log in into your administrative account.
  2. git clone this
  3. Read and follow the installation instructions.

Pre Make working environment

If you have a sparing Raspberry Pi, a 2Gb (or greater) SD Card and want to get into business with the less effort possible. :)

  1. Download the SD Image (360Mb, 7z archive)
  2. Follow the detailed instructions to configure the Services.

The Pre Made Image was forked from 2016-09-23 Jessie Lite with the Services at Version RELEASE.2016-1118.FIRST_BLOOD.

CREATING your own (Micro) Service Providers

This section is Work in Progress.

Link to the Project and Documentation, also WiP.